Taking a Glance Back

Dear Readers,

I began this journey just another hopeful. Writing hasn’t always been in my thoughts, in fact, didn’t even begin considering it until college. As I think about my writing now I try to think back to the earliest memory I have of dabbling in it and it brings me to a night even my mother recalls.

She reminded me of it recently and until she mentioned it I’d simply cast it off as just a moment in time rather than the day where it all began. Like many little girls I wanted to impress my mother. I wanted to be more than just the rebellious teen who only attracted attention from my mother when I did something wrong, so one night I set out on that quest to impress.

It was intended mainly in jest and I didn’t think it meant anything at the time but now I think it was the sign I’d missed, and perhaps the one my mother missed as well. I sat in my room and wrote my mother a poem. It wasn’t impressive to me but I decided to share it with her. She laughed after she read it and replied disbelievingly, “You didn’t write that.” I was offended that she didn’t believe be so I offered to write her another one. I dared her to give me any topic at all and she did. The only issue  was I couldn’t write it in front of her so off I ran to my room where within minutes I produced another poem. My mom seemed a little less in disbelief the second time around but she still thought I was copying it from somewhere. I wasn’t, but soon the game wore off and the moment was over. I didn’t write anything again after that, at least not anything I shared with my mother.

I wasn’t mad at my mother for her response. I didn’t fully understand how I was producing the poems either. they just came to me. I was severely insecure though and I was a reader not a writer so I didn’t make the connection that I had potential. That moment wasn’t the only moment though.

In Junior High I took a drama class. I loved it. It was a very social class and it suited my personality. This was in California during a time of teacher strikes so the school itself was in a chaotic state. Our drama teacher explained that we had to do a school production but that he had no intention in writing a play. He gave us the assignment of seeing what we could create. Many students submitted skits, as did I. Mine was one of about ten chosen for the event. I became the director. Once again I didn’t take it as a sign. I was really just goofing off and fulfilling an assignment. The taste wasn’t enough though to propel me forward. It wasn’t until college before I wrote again.

That was when the once static ball began to roll. It was a very slow start for me. It’s been ten years since the built up energy began to push the ball forward. Now, it’s picking up speed. When I found out my novel, “The Abduction of Lilly Waters,” would be published by Master Koda Select Publishing. I cried like a baby. I hadn’t realized until that moment how badly I wanted it.

I don’t know yet what I’ve started but I feel I ‘m finally doing what I was intended to do all along. It’s liberating. I know I have a lot to learn. Every time I learn something new I feel the same sense of freedom.

I hope I can really make a go at a writing career, not only for my self but for my family. My biggest desire is to make their dreams come true and if I can do it with my fingertips and creativity then I will be one proud woman. I’ve set many examples for my children through the years, from going through school while raising a family, to waiting tables to make ends meet, to doing what really brings me happiness. I hope in the end my kids can say, wow way to go mom!

Keep watching for my books. My readers are the ones who can really make this a reality. Thank you.


Your Author,

T.M. Novak


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Honorable Mention Brenda Perlin

Dear Readers,

I have an amazing author to introduce to you today. I just recently finished her novel, “Home Wrecker,” and I felt completely torn about it. This book truly has a way of getting under your skin and challenging you to think about the taboo act of infidelity. It makes you see that there really are two sides of the story and each side has valid points. When you read the story, be prepared to allow it to challenge your mind because it will. The author isn’t asking for sympathy or for you to take a side. She’s asking you to simply see that even the said, ‘home wrecker,’ is a human being and everything happens for a reason, even horrible things that we don’t understand. Join me in welcoming the incredibly brave and talented Brenda Perlin.

Brenda Perlin

My thoughts about Home Wrecker.

When I finished this book I felt conflicted. For that reason alone I decided not
to review it after I read the last word like I usually do. I wanted to give it a
three or a four but my finger just couldn’t do it. I remember asking myself why
would I give it a three or a four? The answer was simple and it pissed me off
how selfish it was. I was not basing my score on the book itself, how it was
written, whether it had a good story line or believable characters. I was simply
basing it on my bias towards, “home wreckers.” So I asked myself questions. Was
the story good? It was amazing. Was it well written? I didn’t see any plot holes
or grammar errors. Were the characters believable? Yes, every
word/thought/feeling and scene was believable. The only character I wanted to
know more about was Bo and I do believe the next book will go into his detail
more. Did it keep my attention? I couldn’t put it down for longer than it took
to sleep. So, in the end I had to set my feelings aside and be fair to the book
and the author. She did a damn good job!


HomeWrecker Cover Final

My intrigue led to questions about Brenda…..I had to know more about her. Here is what we talked about.

For what are you grateful?

Well, for one thing I am thankful that I am walking. That was one thing I wasn’t doing for a period of time in 2007. After something so traumatic, I have learned not to take anything for granted and enjoy the little victories just a little

bit more. I am grateful that my parents never had to see me sick but I am also grateful that I had parents that I loved so much that l when I lost them, I lost a little bit of myself. My gratitude was confirmed when I found a man that helped me find that girl that was once so lost.

If you could change one thing about our world, what would it be and why?

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about how I would like to change the world would be my wish that people could be more accepting of one another and learn to get along. Why can’t the judgment be removed and why can’t we just learn to accept each other? Why can’t our differences enhance our relationships rather than separate us? It shouldn’t matter the color of our skin, religion, or sexual preferences. We are all human and we should learn to love each other even if we don’t always agree.

If you knew the exact date of your death down to the minute, what would you change about your life starting tomorrow?

Gosh, I don’t think I would change a thing. Maybe eat a bit more fried food and dessert but other than that I would do exactly what I am doing.

If you could go back in time to when you were seven years old, what wisdom or advice would you pass on to yourself?

I think I would tell my young self not to be so hard on myself. I always felt behind. I would try to convince myself to stop beating myself up. Slow down and smell the roses or in those days it would have been the Twinkies.

After a difficult day what do you do to recuperate? Does it work?

I love love love naps. It is such a luxury to be able to put my head down on my pillow and sneak under the covers during the afternoon. I have blackout shades to block out the sunlight. I sometimes wake up groggy and that is where a nice cool shower does the trick. After that, I am revived! That sounds very good about now! Nightie night!!!

When was the last time you helped someone that was desperately in need? What did you do? Was this person grateful?

Several years back I became computer pals with a guy named Abhijit from India. I met him from a Transverse Myelitis support group of which I got involved with after I was diagnosed in 2007. It is a rare auto-immune disease. From the start Abhijit and I became good friends. We wrote to each other almost every day and talked on Skype. I felt so bad for him because not only had he gone through such a debilitating disease but he was in India without much money or good health care. As bad as my problems were, his were far worse. I took him under my wing and he has always been appreciative. His gratitude is showed just by being my friend.

I actually love naps too…OMG they are so wonderful!!!

What is or are the genres of your book or books?


What made you decide to write in your particular genre?

It will get me in less trouble than writing an autobiography.

That is so very true.

Author bio

I live in Orange County, California. I have spent most of my working life in the physical fitness arena. I love the gratification that comes with helping people achieve their fitness goals and I love the fulfillment that comes with having a healthy body.

I moved from the Los Angeles area where I was raised to Orange County in the Spring of 2005. During that time I was a housewife with a couple of dogs. Now I am not. Instead I am writing my adventures for all to read.

Amazon author page




Find me on Facebook








So readers. I dare you to read, “Home Wrecker.” It’s on sale now so it’s the perfect time to get your hands on it. Let your mind truly read the book and set aside your preconceptions about infidelity. After all, a marriage can’t be broken if it isn’t solid.

Your Author,

T.M. Novak

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Help re-launch Kai’s Journey

Dear Readers,

I’m excited to announce the re-launch of Kai’s Journey by Wendy and Charles Seifken. Join this writing duo and help their book reach it’s potential.

Kai's Journey

Tid-Bits about the authors…..

Charlie will be attending college this fall for auto mechanics. He loves to read and create stories. He works full time at a local auto shop now. Charlie’s inspiration to become a writer and who got him hooked on reading books is Christopher Paolini who also started his writing career while in high school as well.

Wendy is a wife, mother and also works as a tier one tech at a local call center. She has always loved to read books and when her children were small she loved to tell them stories she would make up with the kids being the main characters. Together Charlie and Wendy create worlds and people who live in them.


Our journey started as a school project back in 2009. Charlie was given the task of writing, editing, and publishing a book. He was always writing stories and the teachers had a difficult time getting him to do his homework or doing the writing topics they wanted him to write on. Since then we have tried our hand at finding an agent with the big publishing companies before going the indie route. We had found someone to help us edit the book but they didn’t quite have the same vision for the story as we did. We had also found someone to help us create a book cover but again, they didn’t quite see it as we did. Since we have joined with MasterKoda Select Publishing we have had wonderful help with editing the book to make it the best story possible with characters that will stay with you long after you finish the book. Dan Peyton who is a very talented author is also a gifted artist who helped us by drawing the characters Kai and Clover for the cover. His amazing talents and beautiful work can be seen on the cover along with Rebbekah Whites background that helps bring the story to life. Together these two wonderful people have created a beautiful work of art that we are proud to display for our book cover.

So please join us on May 31st for fun, games and prizes!

Just follow the link below and invite your friends as well!



Your Author,

T.M. Novak


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Honorable Mention Jane Carroll

Dear Readers,

I am pleased to introduce to you the witty and incredibly funny Jane Carroll. As I’ve gotten to know Jane, I’ve found she is kind and modest. Her book Bertha- Size Your Life is hilarious and such a joy to read. Please give Jane a warm welcome and enjoy learning about this amazing woman and get her book Bertha- Size- Your Life, while it’s on sale!!!

Jane CarrollJane Carroll Bertha Image

For what are you grateful?

I am grateful for words and how much fun they are to play with. I generally keep a pocketful of them…so I can take them out and play with them when I’m bored.

If you could change one thing about our world, what would it be and why?

I would make it healthy to eat all the chocolate that I want…not just a little bit of dark chocolate for the antioxidant value…but all chocolate…white, milk, dark…all of it and in any amount. I know…I should have said something more esoteric like world peace…but really…if we were all busy eating chocolate…what would we have to fight about?

If you knew the exact date of your death down to the minute, what would you change about your life starting tomorrow?

If there was enough time…I’d quit my job…sell my house and all my stuff…keep just enough to live on and give the rest to my kids. Then I’d travel to Tibet and if I wasn’t able to trek the Himalayans…I’d hire a wagon to haul me to the top.

If you could go back in time to when you were seven years old, what wisdom or advice would you pass on to yourself?

Trust your heart…you know what you want…and you are capable of getting it…don’t listen to the naysayers…

After a difficult day what do you do to recuperate? Does it work?

Sometimes I exercise…but usually…I just chill. I routinely do some form of meditation and/or Reiki before I go to bed which really helps to relax me. I rarely write at night…just too tired.


When was the last time you helped someone that was desperately in need? What did you do? Was this person grateful?

A few years ago the mother of one of my students (I’m a school nurse) sent me a letter saying that her daughter wasn’t going to have Christmas because they just didn’t have the money. The school usually helps some families out but had already made their plans so I bought the girl’s Christmas. I went all out…spent more on her than I did on my own children and grandchildren. I gave all the stuff to her mother and she never really thanked me. When I see her now she doesn’t even acknowledge who I am. Is she ungrateful or just embarrassed…I’ll never know…but I choose to believe that she is embarrassed.

What is or are the genres of your book or books?

Bertha-Size Your Life! and the upcoming sequel are considered non-fiction, personal growth, self-help but they read like a series of funny short stories which makes them unique.

What made you decide to write in your particular genre?

Personal growth has always been my primary interest…it’s just where my mind gravitates. I love seeing myself and others reaching a new level of understanding.

Thanks for being such an awesome guest, Jane!

Jane Carroll bertha fullcov (3)

ON SALE NOW!!!!! May 26th through June 9th GET IT!!!

Jane Carroll Bio and Links


Website: http://www.janecarrollauthor.com

Amazon: http://tiny.cc/zgaafw

Facebook: https://facebook.com/janecarrollauthor

Twitter: https://twitter.com/janecarroll10

Book Synopsis:

Bertha-Size Your Life! reads like a series of humorous short stories but it is so much more. Bertha, a zany redhead, mysteriously appears into the narrator’s life while walking in the park. Quicker than a man can hand off a baby with a dirty diaper, she has moved into her new friend’s empty nest and the fun begins.

Bertha is always up to something and delights in standing on a soapbox while dispensing down-home wisdom and perky advice. She explains The Law of Attraction in a refreshing, humor-filled, practical way that has you going hmmm instead of humph.

Throw in a conniving nemesis, an antagonistic cat, lime green spandex, and high-heels and you’ve got a book that’s sure to tickle your funny bone and leave you wearing your thinking cap as you read and reread each vignette.

Who knew personal transformation could be so much fun? “Bertha, that was a rhetorical question. Get off your soapbox…”


Jane Carroll, Author of Amazon Bestselling Bertha-Size Your Life!, is a Life Coach, Registered Nurse, Reiki Master, Mother, Grandmother, and long-time student of life. She has seen the focus of her over 30 year nursing career change from illness to wellness to wholeness, a philosophy that permeates everything she does. While she enjoys all aspects of her life, writing is her passion and she is currently working on Bertha’s latest adventures.

Bertha-Size Your Life! recently received the MK Traditionally Published Best Book of 2012 Award.

Enjoy my friends!!!

Your Author,

T.M. Novak

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Honorable Mention Arlene R O’neil

Dear Readers,

I have a great author to introduce to you. She was born in Connecticut, which is my birthplace as well. She currently lives in South Carolina which oddly enough is where I believe I will retire. I was fortunate enough to interview her recently and this is what we discussed. Please give a warm welcome to my friend Arlene O’Neil and get to know her. She is truly amazing!!

Arlene O'Neil

Q:  If you had two years left to live from this moment, what would you change about your life starting tomorrow?

Two years seems a long time, but I know it would pass quickly. I would sell everything I own, travel to see my family and friends, finish my second book, and then enjoy each moment.

Q: What is one of the most unusual things you have done in your life? 

Unusual would be flying to 10,280 feet in a hot air balloon, but thrilling just the same. For my age and physical condition I can also herd cattle on horseback and not be intimidated by a 2,500 pound bull. This is not only unusual, but dangerous as well, and yet the thrill of that freedom overpowered the fear and possible consequences.

Q: Who is your favorite author, and how did they inspire you to write?

Growing up my favorite author was e.e.cummings. I always remembered the impact a special quote had on me and how it helped shape the person I am today. “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” Walt Whitman was also very inspiring. His quote, “Behold I do not give lectures or a little charity. When I give I give myself,” truly should be embedded in the lives of all.

What is the title of your newest release –

My only release so far is “Broken Spokes,” available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble or my publisher, Saga Books.

Why would someone like your book(s)?

I’ve been told “Broken Spokes” is inspirational, a story of survival. Those who need to draw strength from others will enjoy my book.

Q: Are the characters in your story based on people you know?

Everyone in my book is real. Some names have been changed for obvious reasons.

Q: Is there any part in writing you don’t like?

Being certain I have scenes in chronological order occasionally is tricky.  I have a side effect of recent brain surgery that hampers my ability to recall events in sequence and it can be frustrating.  I dislike being stuck organizing the timeline of my work.

Q: Do you have any online sites where people can read more about your books?

I have many articles on Facebook that can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arlene-R-Gallo-ONeil/271244249572408

On Amazon, the first chapter of “Broken Spokes” is available to read.


A Google search of Arlene R. O’Neil will lead you to some of my earlier articles.

What are you currently working on?

“Army Life and Deployment through the Eyes of a Mom” is my work in progress. My son has been a Soldier for almost twelve years and served five tours of duty. It is my hope to provide a guide for parents from the very first, “I’m gonna be a Soldier, Mom,” through basic training and all aspects of active duty. This will be my son’s life story from my point of view – a combination of his experiences and mine throughout his career. There will also be links for support and suggestions on how to deal with all phases and emotions of loving someone in the military.

What makes your writing unique?

I’ve been told I am a visual writer and that it takes a special talent to be able to write so that the reader can see, smell, feel, and touch what I do through my words. One of the nicest compliments I ever received was regarding a story I wrote of how I helped deliver a 125 pound bull calf. One reader wrote, “I could smell the hay!” I believe that is my greatest review ever!

When you aren’t writing, what would we find you doing?

I love to edit other author’s work. Most people hate editing, but I find it stimulating and challenging. When I am not editing or writing, I am usually found outside pulling weeds, mowing the lawn, brushing my dogs, or sitting in the goat pen with the kids. These outdoor activities relax and inspire.

Is music part of your writing process? If so, what do you listen to?

Being a country fan either Toby Keith or Garth Brooks can be heard blasting from the living room. I like music and I like it loud. Jo Dee Messina is another favorite of mine as well as Chely Wright. Music touches me in a way that I can’t quite explain.

Thank you for being such an awesome guest today, Arlene! Please share your bio and links where we can find your book!

Biography of Arlene R. O’Neil

“Writing is what lights me up,” states Arlene R. O’Neil. “Being a visual writer, I love seeing my work come to life: to take the reader with me on a journey word by word: to touch a reader whether through laughter or tears.” Her current book, “Broken Spokes,” refers to broken bones, broken bike, and broken spirit. It speaks to the reader of determination, of survival, of inspiration.

Born and raised in Connecticut, Mrs. O’Neil moved to South Carolina to work on her second novel, which will relate the roller coaster life of being the parent of a Soldier on active duty. O’Neil says, “My son, SGT Tanner O’Neil, is a member of the United States Army and the joy, pride, and love of my life. After five tours of duty to active war zones, I feel the need to share my experience with other parents in hope of lessening their fears.” SGT O’Neil recently returned from his 5th combat tour.

Currently Arlene lives with her two Labradors, Holly and Bruno, and her adorable pet goats, Paxton, JaeJay, Rupert, Patches, and Frosty. “These amazing characters have helped me through some incredibly difficult times and I love them dearly.”

Aside from writing, supporting her son while deployed, and caring for her animals, Arlene lives on 3 ½ acres of land that her and her beloved animals enjoy.

An author, editor and proofreader, Arlene R. O’Neil may be contacted at arleneoneil@aol.com

Arlene Oneil spokes





Facebook page


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Honorable Mention Dianne Gardner

Dear Readers,

I can’t tell you have much fun I am having getting to know authors and artists that I discover. You are just going to love Dianne Gardner. She has an abundance of talent from writing to creating art from a variety of mediums. Personally, anyone that can draw art in any form impresses me. I can’t draw a straight line with a ruler so naturally I am in complete awe with her. Please help welcome Dianne and get to know her. You will be glad you did.

The stories I find most fascinating about people are stories that come from their childhood. I asked Dianne what her best childhood memory was and this is what she told me;

Tell us a story! What is one of your favorite childhood memories?

The best memory I have was of the warm sunny California summers when school was out. When I was nine and ten years old my mom had a terrible time getting me to come inside for the night. We’d skate, we’d ride our bikes, and we’d play cowboys and Indians in the backyard. Once the sun was down the whole neighborhood would play hide and seek. Sometimes my dad would be “It”. My father built us a little playhouse that was tucked neatly in-between the garage and the backyard fence. Mom made curtains for it  sometimes she’d bring us white bread with butter and sugar sprinkled on top. When my father bought a new table saw (or whatever kind of saw it was) he made cutout heads of horses and attach them to sticks. Mom painted them. They were gorgeous and there were enough of them for all my friends to make quite a posse. We’d run around the backyard hootin’ and howlin just like Clint Eastwood or Michael Landon!

Barbecues happened on a regular basis in our yard. You could sit outside and see heads of all the neighborhood dads bobbing over the fence, all-cooking up a storm in their white aprons and chef hats. That was the social thing for parents to do.

And then there was the beach. We were within walking distance from Playa del Rey before they turned the fields behind our house into a shopping center.  I loved walking to the beach especially on foggy days. Those were the best.  Seagulls crying. White foamy waves reaching out from the hovering clouds and crisp cold sand tickling my toes. It wasn’t unusual to find a glass float bouncing on the tide, or a really beautiful piece of driftwood. There weren’t a lot of rules about beach combing. Everyone did it. The houses along the coast were decorated with all sorts of beautiful remnants that the tide brought in.

In those days you could make a campfire along the shoreline. Everyone did. There’d be so many bonfires. You could walk under the starry skies, listen to the breakers slam against the beach, and happen upon your friends and schoolmates roasting marshmallows playing their guitars.  We’d stay up all night sometimes, or bring blankets and sleep on the sand.

Yes, I have to say the best times in my childhood were warm California summers.

Here are some images of Dianne’s work. I think they speak very well for themselves.

Dianne Gardner 1-me painting2  Dianne Gardner smbannertri-modified Dianne Gardner 06-Alcove - Copy - Copy Dianne Gardner 03-bk forest

As you can see she has amazing art abilities.

Author Bio

                       Dianne Lynn Gardner


Young Adult Fantasy-Adventure Fiction

Dianne Gardner is both an author and illustrator living in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

She’s been a painter all her life having started at the age of 12 under her mother’s supervision. Her first private art lesson was with a sculptress in California. Excelling in art in school and on to college, her portfolio includes portraits, inspirational works, and plein air landscapes. She was the portrait painter for the Washington Renaissance Fantasy Fair for several years painting 20 minute oil paintings during the fair. She has just recently started illustrating books, beginning this endeavor with a 9′ triptych of Stenhjaert the Dragon, the antagonist in Ian’s Realm

Dianne is an active member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and the National League of American Pen Women. Besides the Ian’s Realm Saga (Deception Peak, The Dragon Shield, and Rubies and Robbers which will be released in 2013) she boasts authorship to four short stories titled A Tale of the Four Wizards Series which interweaves with the Saga. She writes for middle grade and young adults targeting boys and adventure loving girls, but adults are some of her most zealous fans of all Her writing definitely falls under the ‘family friendly’ category!


Ian’s Realm Trilogy
Deception Peak
The Dragon Shield
Rubies and Robbers 
coming soon

Cassandra’s Castle To be released
The Diary of a Conjurer To be released

Short Stories

A tale of the Four Wizards

Dianne Gardner 1-Rubiesfinal Dianne Gardner 1-1-DSfrontLRGDianne Gardner just cover (1)

Dianne’s Links





I hope you enjoyed getting to know Dianne. Don’t forget to get her book while it is on sale!

Your Author,

T.M. Novak

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Honorable Mention DeEtte Beckstead

Dear Readers,

I have had the greatest privilege to get to know an amazing author, mother, and daughter in the past few months. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with not only her writing but her attitude and lookout on life. I want to present to you DeEtte Beckstead, the author of a beautifully written book called Victory. She also wrote, The Christmas Visitors. I found her book Victory poetic and mystifying from the very start and I believe you all will enjoy it as well. Please welcome, DeEtte and enjoy getting to know her as I have.

DeEtte Beckstead author image<

Victory cover DeEtte Beckstead     The Christmas Visitors cover DeEtte Beckstead

Here are some sample reviews of Victory.

“The author uses words as a paintbrush that delightfully reveals the town of Victory and its inhabitants, as well as their trials and tribulations. Each turn of the page will cause you to be hungry for more!”

“I found this book beautifully written. The author DeEtte Beckstead did a fabulous job weaving words together. It was poetic at times. The characters were very interesting. There was a keen sense of good vs. evil and a pull between the two. It was a humble tale about how God helps good people prevail in uncertain times.”

“Victory is not just a story about religion and worship but about compassion, redemption, forgiveness, and giving back. … It is a universal message whatever your belief system is.”

When I first heard this was a Christian story I thought, are they going to be conking me over the head with biblical verses? Then I started reading it. It is a story of hurt and abuse, but most importantly redemption. It is a modern tale that is very relatable to anyone who has a past. It lets you know that no matter who you are you are worthy of love.”

I couldn’t wait to contact DeEtte so I could pick her brain about her writing, thoughts, and even family. We had a nice chat and here are a few things we discussed.

Is your glass half full or half empty?
The glass is always full. Some days it is half empty of air and half full of water; other days, it is half empty of water and half full of air. I have been referred to as an optimistic pessimist! I do try to make the best of situations.

That makes sense, I think I am a little bit of both as well.

If you could have a dinner party with five people (living or dead) who would be invited?
I would invite Geoffrey Chaucer, George Washington, JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, and Galileo.

That is quite a mix. Next time we chat I will have to have her elaborate on why???

Do you have any advice for the editing process?
It is necessary to make the book the best it can be. Another set of eyes to help find omitted or misplaced punctuation, subject/verb agreement, continuity and the flow of the story is invaluable. Since I am also an editor, I try to help the writer understand why the changes I suggest are good for the story. I recommend doing your best to edit before sending it to an editor. Get rid of or change overused words or phrases. If you don’t, your editor will! Try to keep in mind that the editor is your friend, not your enemy, too! It isn’t easy telling someone their hard work is in bad shape and needs hours of fixing!

I think I need to get DeEtte on speed dial because I will be doing my first edit round and I am terrified of it 🙂

If you could do everything over (writing your book, or publishing, etc.) would you change anything?
I think I would get it published sooner. Victory sat untouched for over four years before I thought about publishing it.

I feel your pain. I sat on my book too.

Describe yourself in one word.

Unique. I asked my friends on Facebook to help me with this one. The best answer that came up was “unique” because there is only one me!

I would have to agree 🙂

What super power would you like to have?
If I had a superpower, I would like it to be the ability to make the lives of others a little brighter, to bring a smile to the face of a sick child, to bring comfort to someone’s last days.

I figured as much. You really seem like a good-hearted, selfless person.

When you have time for yourself, what do you like to read?
I like to read historical fiction, as well as biographies. I also love many of the classics. I am not a great fan of fantasy/sci-fi, but I do enjoy some works in that genre. I like stories about families and kids, and of course, about dogs, especially rescued dogs!

Who are some of your favorite authors and why?
I like Tolkien and Lewis because they write with Godly themes. I like their descriptions of people and scenes. Recently I have enjoyed reading Joe McCoubrey and Brad Fleming’s books, as well as G Mitchell Baker’s. Their genres are not what I have read before, but I did enjoy their stories, and I will be waiting for more from them.

Thank you, DeEtte for being such a fun guest. Please share your bio and links where others can connect with you and your books.

Author Bio

Author and blogger, DeEtte Beckstead started writing in 2007 when her son challenged her to get involved in the National Novel Writing Month, known by the acronym, NaNoWriMo. The manuscript sat untouched with several others until January of 2012 when a good friend encouraged her to seek publication. The Christmas Visitors is her first published short story, and her current novel, Victory is also her first.  DeEtte spent much of her childhood playing the piano, clarinet, and guitar, reading, and making up stories. She was active in Girl Scouts, which gave her a variety of experiences. While in college, she was on the University of Utah Synchronized Swim team, and taught winter camping and survival skills for Girl Scouts. She has spent many years working with people with disabilities.  Originally from the state of Utah, currently DeEtte lives in New England where she writes full time and works on the editing team of Master Koda Select Publishing. Her other interests include swimming, crocheting, reading, traveling, history, and her grandchildren. In addition, this devoted mother of six and grandmother of twelve has been a concerned participant in dog rescue services for many years.

Blog: http://deetteanderton.wordpress.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DeEtteBecksteadAuthor

Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/DeEtte-Beckstead/e/B00ADDW94Y/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

AuthorsdB page: http://www.authorsdb.com/authors-directory/66-deette-beckstead

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DBAnderton

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/2207218-deette-beckstead

Thank you all for stopping in and meeting Dette Beckstead. I hope you get your hands on her books so you can see exactly why I am boasting about her. 🙂

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