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I am a mother of four sons, a teacher and an author. Currently I have a childrens book published called, The Red Headed Monster. This blog is about my publication adventure. I want to share the process as it happens. A highlight event occurred shortly after I began this process. In January 2013 I won a spot in an anthology from a writing contest I submitted to. Shortly after that I signed with a publisher for my first novel, The Abduction of Lilly Waters. It has been an amazing journey so far and every day there are new steps for me to take. Join me every step of the way! I was born in Waterbury, Conecticut and I grew up in California. Currently, I live in Arizona, but I hope to move from back home soon.

Honorable Mention S.L Wallace!

Dear Readers, I am so very proud to present to you, S.L. Wallace, a talented author of many books. And yes, if you think her name sounds familiar then you would be correct. S.L. Wallace is an upper elementary Montessori … Continue reading

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The Day We Have All Been Waiting For!!!

Dear Readers, It’s been ten months since I embarked on my publication adventure and I am stunned by where I am today. Aug 23, 2013 one of my dreams will come true. Here I am, a mother of four, teacher, … Continue reading

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Honorable Mention Author G.Mitchell Baker!!

Dear Readers, I believe it’s my duty to bring gifted author’s into the spotlight so you can all have the chance to get to know them. I’ve found a gem and I wanted to share him with you. Please allow … Continue reading

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Honorable Mention Wendy and Charles Siefken

Dear Readers, Today is a very special day. I have a truly talented duo on my blog today. They are a mother and son team;  which is truly inspirational. As you know, I’m all about family so when I learned this … Continue reading

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Release Date Announced!

Release Date Announced!.

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Release Date Announced!

Dear Readers, This has been a whirlwind adventure for me. I began this blog in October, 2012 for the purpose of logging my publication adventure and it isn’t even a year later and my first novel will be launching. I … Continue reading

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Honorable Mention Greta Burroughs

Dear Readers, I am blessed to have an amazing author on my blog today. She has six books published today and lives in South Carolina. I find her interesting because she used to be a teacher. It’s fascinating to see … Continue reading

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