The Day We Have All Been Waiting For!!!

Dear Readers,

It’s been ten months since I embarked on my publication adventure and I am stunned by where I am today. Aug 23, 2013 one of my dreams will come true. Here I am, a mother of four, teacher, and small town gal, and I am published!! I can still recall when I started this blog announcing that I was an aspiring writer.

The tears flood to the surface when I think about how far I’ve come, and yet, I know I haven’t done it alone. I’ve found so many new friends; some authors, some illustrators, some graphic designers, and some simply avid readers. I never thought I would find such a humble group of people, who while trying to achieve their goals would attempt to help someone else achieve theirs, yet I did.

I found Master Koda on Face Book and that is when the ball started to roll. I found the people there kind and approachable. I could ask anything at all and someone would attempt to guide me. At first, I felt naïve and unsure, but then, after a while, my comfort grew. I found I was able to help others and “Pay it Forward.” I also found that they didn’t view me as another, ‘wanna be,’ instead, they treated me like an equal.

In December, I was feeling ready to self-publish but a chance encounter altered my path. I read Digitus 233 by Kim Emerson and loved it. I contacted the author, and mentioned how much I loved it. We spoke briefly, and before long, I found out she was a publisher. Her publishing house is called Master Koda Select Publishing. To make a long story short, I was so taken by her family approach to publishing I had to submit my story to her, even though I was set on self- publishing.

Six weeks later I got the call I’d been longing for. Five months later, here I am! Published!! I simply can’t believe it.

This blog isn’t about self- promoting but rather to inspire. If you can dream it, and have the drive to build it, then it will happen. You have to have faith in yourself, others and the divine power that guides you.

Today is the day. Get your hands on, “The Abduction of Lilly Waters.”


I close this is saying, thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone.

Your Author,

T.M. Novak


About tnovak221

I am a mother of four sons, a teacher and an author. Currently I have a childrens book published called, The Red Headed Monster. This blog is about my publication adventure. I want to share the process as it happens. A highlight event occurred shortly after I began this process. In January 2013 I won a spot in an anthology from a writing contest I submitted to. Shortly after that I signed with a publisher for my first novel, The Abduction of Lilly Waters. It has been an amazing journey so far and every day there are new steps for me to take. Join me every step of the way! I was born in Waterbury, Conecticut and I grew up in California. Currently, I live in Arizona, but I hope to move from back home soon.
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One Response to The Day We Have All Been Waiting For!!!

  1. Brenda Perlin says:

    I am so happy for you Tammy. You have been such a help to all of us and a great joy. I wish you all the success in the world. You deserve it without a doubt! Enjoy your day!!! 🙂

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