Honorable Mention Wendy and Charles Siefken

Dear Readers,

Today is a very special day. I have a truly talented duo on my blog today. They are a mother and son team;  which is truly inspirational. As you know, I’m all about family so when I learned this about them, I was thrilled. Wendy Siefken was more than humble when I asked her if she would share her most embarrassing moment. Take a look and this moment. 🙂

What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?


The most embarrassing moment of my life would probably be when I was in fifth grade and the teacher, Mrs. Bancroft, had a contest to see who had read the most chapters in an English book. I had read a lot and kept saying, I read this many, I read this many. The teacher tried patiently telling me, “I know Wendy.” But I kept going. She listed off who came in 5th place with reading this many chapters.

“Mrs. Bancroft I read this many chapters!” I said again,

“Yes Wendy, I know” came her reply yet again. She patiently went through each of the winners announcing them one by one until finally it came to the first place winner. I had been so excited about how many I had read I just kept going on and on. She would say the fourth place winner, and I would mention again, how many I had read. She would tell me she knew, again. Mrs. Bancroft would list off the third place winner and I would yet again remind her of how many I had read. I kept seeing my chances get smaller and smaller the closer it got to the first place person. I figured someone else had read way more than anything I could have come close to. I figured surely someone else had topped me.  Come to find out, I had won. Yeah, a bit embarrassing that was! Mrs. Bancroft turned to me and said, “The first place winner is Wendy for reading this many chapters.” There really wasn’t much fun in it for her I think since I had kept going on and on about it.  It just isn’t the same kind of win when you keep harping about it.

I’m a teacher so I can just imagine this happening. Kid’s are always so proud of their accomplishments. Way to go Wendy for reading “this many ,”chapters 🙂

I find these two completely fascinating so I snagged their bios for you to enjoy as well.

Bio Charles Siefken (1992-present) is a recent graduate of high school. This is his first book of many to be published. He currently resides in rural central Iowa where he enjoys reading sci/fi books and playing video games among other things. He currently works at a local auto mechanics shop and will be attending college this fall to get a degree as well. Christopher Paolini was his inspiration to become a writer.

Wow he sounds a lot like my boys 🙂

Wendy Siefken (1966-Present)Currently working full-time from home on writing stories and now a virtual assistant to those in need of an extra pair of hands online. Wendy lives on a farm with her family and enjoys reading, gardening and other activities with her family and friends. This is our first publication with many more to follow. This all started as a school project for her youngest son and business partner, Charles Siefken, which has grown into a desire to be published.

The book is a journey into the fantasy realm of what if’s. Zombies took over the world? What if werewolves were real? What if dragons were really not from earth but from another planet? I hope you enjoy this YA book. This book is ideal for a young reader who you may not want reading a book with a lot of blood and gore. This book doesn’t have that. It has a story without all the graphics of a battle.

Hmmm I might have to add this book to the list of YA books my principal asked me for.

So, if you want to learn a little bit more about these two follow these links…..

Our Blog sites are:








Oh, and did I mention Kai’s Journey is on sale for .99 cents!!! That’s a steal if you ask me!!!


Wendy Book cover

I want to thank Wendy and Charles for letting me share their wonderful story. It has been a pleasure.

Wendy and Charles Author pic

Your Author,

T.M. Novak


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I am a mother of four sons, a teacher and an author. Currently I have a childrens book published called, The Red Headed Monster. This blog is about my publication adventure. I want to share the process as it happens. A highlight event occurred shortly after I began this process. In January 2013 I won a spot in an anthology from a writing contest I submitted to. Shortly after that I signed with a publisher for my first novel, The Abduction of Lilly Waters. It has been an amazing journey so far and every day there are new steps for me to take. Join me every step of the way! I was born in Waterbury, Conecticut and I grew up in California. Currently, I live in Arizona, but I hope to move from back home soon.
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2 Responses to Honorable Mention Wendy and Charles Siefken

  1. Thank you Tammy for a wonderful post!

  2. vixieuk says:

    LOL, that’s funny. It’s like little kids that ask why, why, why, why… and there is no end! 🙂

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