Release Date Announced!

Dear Readers,

This has been a whirlwind adventure for me. I began this blog in October, 2012 for the purpose of logging my publication adventure and it isn’t even a year later and my first novel will be launching. I simply can’t believe it.

I want to bring you back to what started this for me. I’ve been living in Arizona for 13 years and I desperately want to move back home to Connecticut so my children can grow up around family. I have been endlessly nagging my husband to move and he’s always had some excuse why we can’t; namely he will lose his retirement. Well, one day he got tired of hearing me “nag” so he said, “I tell you what, if you get published by a publisher then we can move where ever you want.” I know why he chose those terms too. He didn’t think it would ever happen. Well, he had no idea how determined he made me.

I set out on that day and began writing. I probably chose one of the hardest stories I could start with too. I mean, I could’ve started with one I had already written but no, I had to choose a story I knew would be a challenge!

The story I wrote is a psychological thriller called, The Abduction of Lilly Waters. It’s filled with twists and turns and a very dark story line. I had to write it in a way that wouldn’t reveal a huge secret so it had many challenges.

The story came together so well. I couldn’t believe how smoothly the details fell into place. I’m very proud that I pulled it off as a beginner author. In December, I finally felt like the story was ready to be placed into the hands of a publisher. I really thought it wouldn’t get read and if it did then it would end up rejected. I decided I would send it to only one publisher and the fate of the story would be sealed after that. Therefore, I knew I  had to select the right publisher.  My search brought me to Master Koda Select Publishing. It’s small publishing house but the heart of it is massive. Kim Emerson runs a very supportive ship with a great collaborative team effort. It’s a priceless gem in the writing industry.

My dreams all began to come true after about 7 weeks of waiting. Kim called me and informed me that she wanted to publish my book. I was floored! I couldn’t believe it. I got off the very emotional phone call and told my husband the good news. The most beautiful moment was when I told my kids. My oldest son threw his arms wide and pulled me into an embrace. I can still hear his prideful words as he held me, “You did it mom!”

So here I am two months shy of one year after I started this blog and my release date is Aug 23rd 2013. Can you believe it?! I’ve created a Facebook event page so all of you can come and share the experience with me.

Come join me and celebrate the release of my debut novel, The Abduction of Lilly Waters! There will be games, prizes, and tons of fun! 12:00 pm ORANGE COUNTY TIME, 1:00 pm Mountain time, 3:00 pm Eastern time. Just log into your computer and join the party!

Here is a quick synopsis of The Abduction of Lilly Waters:

Beth never anticipated her life would end up like it did. The last beating she received at the hands of her boyfriend threw her over the edge. She had to escape him, so she fled taking her daughter Lilly with her. She didn’t know where she’d go, but she didn’t care. All she could manage to think about was the safety of her unborn child and her daughter Lilly.

The frequent stops the mother and daughter had to make were uneventful until Beth pulled into a Diner in Moore, Oklahoma where her daughter Lilly was taken by unseen hands.

Detective’s Daniel Prescott and Frank Martinez head the investigation trying relentlessly to solve the case before it’s too late. These days, when children are taken it’s a unified frenzy to find them. In this case, every lead turns up empty and every turn they take reveals a clue they couldn’t have anticipated. The detectives aren’t quite sure where to turn or who to trust; even the mother herself is a prime suspect.

The Abduction of Lilly Waters is a fast paced child abduction thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat in anticipation until the end where you’ll discover the deepest and darkest secret waiting.

I am also excited to present to you the cover my sister Latisha Wood drew for me.  Rebbekah White worked her cover designing magic on it for me as well.

Lilly FINAL COVER!!!!!!

You can follow Latisha Wood at

and Rebbekah White at

Thank you readers for all your support as I’ve taken these challenging steps in my life. I hope you will continue to walk along side me as I grow as a writer.

Your Author,

T.M Novak


About tnovak221

I am a mother of four sons, a teacher and an author. Currently I have a childrens book published called, The Red Headed Monster. This blog is about my publication adventure. I want to share the process as it happens. A highlight event occurred shortly after I began this process. In January 2013 I won a spot in an anthology from a writing contest I submitted to. Shortly after that I signed with a publisher for my first novel, The Abduction of Lilly Waters. It has been an amazing journey so far and every day there are new steps for me to take. Join me every step of the way! I was born in Waterbury, Conecticut and I grew up in California. Currently, I live in Arizona, but I hope to move from back home soon.
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